We'll keep you inform. Zombie Protest as of July 29 2014 !

We are closing the site not to support any industry.

Because of the situation in GAZA and EAST UKRAINE is allow by so many countries in the world.

I decided to go ahead and close the sites until at least the killing of Innocent civilans stop.

I can't sit down and watch a show of Massacre and continue living like nothing is happening.

No I am not a Palestinian an Arab or Russian or any other, we are all human beings and the Earth is everyone home.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

the innocent

As barbaric Hate is, hate is minimum when populations and governments support or accepting the killing and suffering of the innocents which includes children.

What the world is allowing today is what the world will leave to their and your future generations tomorrow and those you left here will have to deal with it tomorrow.

All children are to be love equally not only ours, otherwise it is greed.

If it is fear people have, to claim and act against the killing of the innocent. then the world is death.

1. I will not be active 2. I wil not support any industry 3. I become a total none active person. Zombie Protest as of July 29 2014

Vedgoo.com and Versusinfo.com will be close.

Sincerely, Sakasa